My journey to discovering my true passion was sparked by a life- altering transformation, one that reshaped not just my health, but every aspect of my existence.

For over three decades, I had been a professional singer and entertainer, but in an instant, I lost my voice, my health, and my career. I found myself amidst a profound and unsettling dark night of the soul. In this darkest hour, I embarked on a quest for answers. Traditional medicine offered me little solace, pushing me to explore unconventional avenues for healing.

Roughly four months into my journey, I stumbled upon the works of Anthony William, the Medical Medium. His books and insights became my beacon of hope. I dived headfirst into his healing protocols, using fruits and vegetables to detoxify my body from the toxins and pathogens that had taken root. Simultaneously, I
bid farewell to the inflammatory foods that had contributed to my ailment.

As I tread this path to recovery, I embraced mindfulness  techniques, learning to manage my emotions and maintain a  positive energy frequency. I discovered the profound connection  between staying in a high vibrational state and manifesting  abundance in health and all facets of life.

My dedication to healing knew no bounds. It was a journey,  requiring two and a half years of unwavering commitment to the prescribed protocols. Yet, on Easter Sunday in 2021, the  miraculous happened my voice began to return to its normal  timbre. And, slowly but surely, all the debilitating symptoms faded  into obscurity. 

Even before I had fully healed, my newfound passion was taking  root. I immersed myself in the wealth of knowledge contained in  the Medical Medium's books. I pursued certification as a Holistic Health Coach and a life coach through Mandy Morris' EME  certification program. 

My mission became crystal clear I was driven to empower others with the wisdom I had gathered about nutrition, mindset, emotions, and energy. My purpose was to guide people on their journey to self-healing, just as I had healed myself.

"If you have the opportunity to work with Cathy Merkel-Roddy, grab it!  She literally saved my life by introducing me to celery juice and Medical Medium.  I've blessed the day I reached out to her, our long texts and zoom meetings.  She is knowledgeable and so humble about it"

-Else Bollanga-Mbappou

"I have to give a big shout out to Cathy Merkel-Roddy, my virtual friend, therapist and health guru!  If you don't follow her, I highly recommend it!  Having clear goals and someone to help guide you towards what you want and need for your mind, body and soul is a game changer!  Get you a Cathy, in not her, then someone like her...if that exists!"

-Laura Mainiero

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